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    CS5 Web Premium without Flash Builder Premium?

    mraak Level 1

      So after spending an arm and a leg, you do not get a Flash Builder Premium with CS5 Web Premium but only Standard? This surprises me as I thought Adobe's greed is not as big as long term goals, promotion of Flash platform, being nice to users, especially as we all know Flash is a bit thin on some platforms and on the web at the moment. Obviously I was wrong and the greed surpasses all imaginable levels.


      I frankly don't get the calculation where for the same price I get a State Of The Art Hardware - Mac, plus all the Apple dev tools for FREE. That's a computer, yes a laptop, the best out there, brand new, PLUS the software. On the other hand Adobe (with whose products you can't build and sell as good apps as with Apple's), is selling you Web **Premium** at a very high price, and YET you have to pay even more to actually get FB **Premium**.


      Is FB considered like a useless add-on into the Web Premium bundle? Did they think, heck nobody will need it but let's give the basic version there to promote it a bit. Sort of like when you buy Windows, they give you a trial of some Antivirus software. Or is anybody thinking that FB is something I will use 80% out of Web Premium bundle? Or should it be packed with Video bundle? I really don;t get it.


      So it's like this for the same money


      Apple = Mac + Great Dev Tools + Tons of other apps

      Adobe = CS5 Web Premium minus- FB Premium



      To be fair, I did hear a rumor that if you complain to Adobe Customer Care, that they give you a license for free, which is the only fair thing. However, I'm waiting for quite some time now as my support case is on hold. What do you guys think about it and do you have any experience with it?