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    Chinese font is identified to Japanese font in Generating PDF

    jacklai22000011 Level 1

      Dear all,


      I 'm creating a adobe livecycle form with a drop-down list, which the ddl allow the user to select different langauge for display.

      In my form, there are 3 language can be selected: traditional Chinese, simple Chinese and English shown as follow.



      After the PDF is generated by the service operation"generatePDFOutput" in livecyle process, I open the form. At the same time. the "Adobe update" window appears, and it request me to download the japanese font package as it detect the japanese font in the PDF form.


      I can confirm that the Chinese font is identified to Japanese font in my form as I had tried to replace the english character to Chinese font in drop-down list.

      and there is no this "Adobe update" window when I open the form.




           1. are there any ways to fix this problem?