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    Exporting to F4V problems Pre CS5

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      This problem is propably just because I don't know how to get the right results.


      1. I did a clip from a 5DII file and used a separate audiorecorder (Zoom 4hn at 48 khz and Röde NTG some number). The sound came in from an external mic as mono and i filled the audio to stereo in Premiere. I think it sounds good on the timeline so I guess the problems come in after exporting to F4V. I used a web preset and trimmed the framesize, not audio. The audio sounds in some points like the speaker would be in a jar, a tin jar or so. Should I change the audiosetting, if so, how?


      2. I have a HD 16:9 clip from 5DII and should export it to web F4V and use a framesize of 351x235, what is the right wau to crop the frame during export? After struggling a while with all button I think I got it right and saved it as a preset for this project, but it might be helpfull to know how I did it


      Here's a screenshotjarjar.jpg


      br Videoman