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    Cannot run project


      Not even an empty project, every time I select Run Project, I get an error message that basically says that cannot find the html file for it. Everything seems to be in place, the mxml, libs, tec. but the html page for the project never gets created.


      How can I get that html to be created?



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          Maglez Level 1

          More information on this one...


          When I hit Ctrl+F11, shoertcut for Run, a 'Run As' dialog windo pops-up with two options, 'FlexUnit Test' and 'Web Application. I select 'Web Application', then click on 'OK' and then an error message pops-up saying... 'File not found: file:/C:Users.....test2.html'.


          The name test2 is how I named the project.


          I am on Windows Vista running Flash Builder plug-in 4.0.1 build 277662 on Eclipse Version: Helios Service Release 1.


          Any idea anyone?



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            Maglez Level 1

            And yet more details...


            When I try on the FlashBuilder standalone version it works fine.


            I really prefer the Eclipse plug-in, because I also do some Java in there, so any comment on how to make it work would be much appreciated.



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              Maglez Level 1

              And more... On the project's properties, under the 'Flex Compiler' group, there are settings for 'HTML wrapper' and those settings are the same on the standalone version and on the plug-in version.


              What else should I check.


              The Eclipse version I am using is the 'Eclipse IDE for Java Developers'... http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/eclipse-ide-java-developers/heliossr1

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                Anirudh Sasikumar Adobe Employee



                Can you check:


                * If there are any errors reported in the "Problems" view?

                * If index.template.html exists in html-template directory?

                * If the HTML file has been generated in bin-debug?

                * If doing a "Project -> Clean" helps?


                If the above do not work, please post the contents of your Flash Builder log file here. You can find the log at workspacedir/.metadata/.log