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    Multiple songs when applying to themes

    cdroessler Level 1

      Hi, can someone tell me how to select more than one song when creating an instant movie or applying a theme.  I'm browsing and selcting from my folder, though when I select the second song it just overwrites my first selection.


      Thank you

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can't add more than one song to a themed video.


          However, you can either set up your video to have no music or delete the music after it's created -- and then just add your own AFTER the InstantMovie is created by applying it to the Soundtrack audio track below it on the timeline.

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            cdroessler Level 1

            Thanks Steve.  The documentation for PRE 9 seems to imply we should be

            able to do this though.  It states "Music - Specifies whether to use the

            theme music, your own music (click Browse to locate and open it), or no

            music. You can select multiple music clips (you can select them here or

            from the Organize workspace as part of the original asset selection),

            and they are played in the order selected."


            As you suggested, I thought about deleting it afterwards, then adding my

            own music.  Though the documentation also states that the results of the

            project will change, based on the beat or the temple of the chosen

            music.  I'm curious how much of a difference that would make...


            Oh well.  Thanks again Steve.