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    How to change the caption of a field with a button?


      I have serious trouble, don't know why, in order to change the caption of a field.

      I can't do it with a button as in any other way...dropdown list, ecc...


      Assumes that we have a button and "on click" i want to change the caption of a numeric or text field.


      form1.ppp.Button1::click - (FormCalc, client)
      NumericField1.caption.value.text.value = "whatever you want to set it to";
      TextField1.caption.value.text.value = "whatever you want to set it to";
      xfa.form.form1.ppp.NumericField1.rawValue = xfa.form.form1.ppp.NumericField1.rawValue + 1;


      The numerical value inside the numericalfield1 is increased each click...but the caption still the same.


      Why this happen?

      I check many threads on this forum and on google and i still find these samples...


      please help.


      Thank you