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    Irritations 101. Things that don't work properly, but should …

    Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

      Why is this in Feature Requests? because there are additions and suggestions below


      1. "Match Zoom and Location". When using Tabs, Match Zoom and location, available now only from the Application Bar should take all windows to exactly the same zoom percentage, and scrolled to the same area as the currently active document. So that flipping the tabs means that you are able to compare. This does not work at present, no reason - looks like a bug or some oversight. It would also be useful it it were possible to assign a Function key to this, since it was taken out of the top menu's, this is now not possible.


      2 "Auto-Align Layers, reposition". Lets say you have two layers with some identical pixel content and you want to align them quickly without laboriously using Difference Mode and nudging at 100% view. Auto Align should do this flawlessly. Unfortunately, with reposition, it does not, and nearly always misregisters the pixels. Best implementation would be if one layer is locked it should also remain fixed. This Feature has never worked properly it needs a looking at.


      3 Tool Presets for Dodge and Burn Tools. Old problem. At the moment Tool Presets do not seem to include the "Range" settings, switching Presets keeps the range the same. Doesn't make sense, Tool Presets should always record all of the Options Bar settings, not selective ones.


      Thats a few to be going on with, I dare say I will be adding more as I remember them. Thankee