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    Full motion recording corrupts file

    Margaret_M Level 1
      More file corruption issues.

      Is adobe analyzing these files some where to develop a fix?

      Is there somewhere to send them?

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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi Margaret_M,

          I notice you have had multiple issues since joining the User forums - a great deal more than most new users. Sorry to see it. You can help us help you by being as specific as possible about your problem, as in:

          Write a general description of the problem ...

          ... followed by "I did" (list each step in order)...
          ... Step 1, then
          ... Step 2, then
          ... Step 3, and
          ...I expected this result ... but ...
          ... I got this result instead

          That is a short description of standard operating procedure when reporting bugs, and it would help us a great deal if the "bugs" you are finding were reported that way. To this specific problem, "more file corruption issues" isn't much help (it's no help at all, actually, because it seems to assume that we've read all your posts and are looking over your shoulder as you are working). Not possible.

          In fact, we probably missed your earlier posts, so we are in the dark about what "more" (file corruption issues) might mean. Can you explain what "corruption" means in the sense you are using it?

          Sending your file: Some times an ACE (Adobe Community Expert) will offer to look at a problem file, but only if we feel that we understand the problem well enough to tackle it intelligently. Adobe staff doesn't normally frequent these forums, leaving support herein to the ACEs.

          All I know is that I've seen your name from time to time recently, usually with someone helping or trying to help, and it seems your posts are generally displaying various degrees of frustration. That is not a bad thing - to be frustrated, that is. But let's see if we can attack the issues intelligently, and that has to start with you explaining what is happening on a desktop that we cannot see. Your turn to talk ...

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            Margaret_M Level 1
            Thanks Larry...here are details...sorry that you have not seen my other posts...here are details of this problem

            When I have file that is about 4 slides to start with, then I choose to record in full motion, so I have gone to record mode and capturing from my application that I am authoring a training about. While there, I will record full motion for just one or two tasks...say, I click the search button and I scroll down through those results. Then, I end the recording mode, and I am back on my captivate file. I can see that little symbol on the slide which represents a full motion recording on that slide. I will add a few objects or text boxes and save the file. Now, when I want to do anything else with it, it does not respond. I have to end task. When I try to open it, it tells me that the file is corrupt and so I start all over again...

            I have since reinstalled my workstation, and reinstalled captivate. I am trying not to record anything. Rather, I toggle over to my other software and just use the screen capture keys and then paste into the captivate slides. I don't think this is the fastest solution, but it is working right now...and the file is saving and opening ok. I just don't have the smoothness within the presentation that a full motion demo would give, but what else can I do?

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              CatBandit Level 3
              Hi Margaret_M,

              I want to help but am still not getting that mental picture of what you are doing and seeing on screen. Please answer the questions below. Just a one or two word answer will do. Thanks - I appreciate your patience ...

              1) Are you adding full-motion (FM) slides to an existing project ... ?
              2) ... or are the full-motion captures a part of the original recording?
              3) How long are your full-motion (FM) captures - in seconds (estimated)?
              4) Are you manually going to FM mode by pressing function key F9 ... ?
              5) ... or are you just scrolling and letting Captivate shift itself into FM mode?
              6) Are you capturing a web-based application ... ?
              7) ... or are you capturing a desktop application?

              I agree you cannot live with the system you are using now - grabbing images and importing the images - it is just not a time efficient way to work.