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    Using WebHelp for a Windows-based application?

    jensandberg Level 1

      Hi, all!  First off, I am using RH8.  I am creating the help for our Windows-based application using HTML Help.  Our group is looking toward using a different output for the Help.  We were looking into AIR for a while, but now we are changing directions and are investigating WebHelp.  Our director would like our help to "look like" the help for Microsoft Office.  Our software will remain Windows-based, so one of my questions is if there are any issues with using WebHelp with a Windows-based application.  Also, we would like to be able to post the help file on a support web site (or similar central location) where I can update the help file whenever I want and the customers would access that location to obtain the most recent help available. Would we have any deployment issues?

      Lastly, we currently use map IDs for CSH.  Would we be able to retain the CSH with WebHelp?


      Thanks for any information you can provide or direct me to!