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    Add link to URL in text added in catalyst

    Tsvetan Stoykov



      my question is, is there a way to make part of a text added in flash catalyst a link to URL, like in normal website?


      Thanks in advance!!

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          SrinivasAnnam Adobe Employee



             I'm sorry, I'm not very clear about your question. So, I will give two solutions. Please use which ever is appropriate for you


             Solution 1 : This is to convert any any single text instance in Flash Catalyst to a clickable link

                              You can conver any Text instance into a button & then add a "Go To URL" interaction to achive this.


                              Step 1. Add some text using the Text control.

                              Step 2. Select the text and convert it to a "Button" using Heads Up Display.

                              Step 3. Click on "Add Interaction" button in the "Interactions" panel

                              Step 4. Choose "Go To URL" from second combo & enter the URL in the text box below that


             Solution 2 : This is to convert a part of text instance to a clickable link.

                               This functionality available only by "RichEditableText" component that is not supported by Flash Catalyst.

                               Once you have the text placed inside your application using Catalyst, you have to edit in Flash Builder.


                              Step 1. Save the Flash Catalyst project as FXP

                              Step 2. Import the FXP file in Flash Builder using "File->Import Flash Builder Project" menu

                              Step 3. Open the "Main.mxml" file & locate the "RichText" component

                              Step 4. Replace "RichText" with "RichEditableText".

                              Step 5. Set "editable" property of "RichEditableText" component to "false"

                              Step 6. Add the "<s:a>" tag around the part of text you want to be clickable. See sample below

                              Step 7. Save & publish the project using "Project->Export Release Build" menu


                              Text before edits


                                  <s:RichText text="Hello World"/>


                             Text after edits


                                   <s:RichEditableText editable="false">
                                           <s:content><s:p>Hello <s:a href="http://www.adobe.com">Adobe</s:a></s:p></s:content>



               Let us know if this solved your problem.



          Srinivas Annam

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            Tsvetan Stoykov Level 1


            your second solution solved my problem. Thank you very much!

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              It is sad that you have to go through Flex for adding "mailto" links.


              And as I understood there is no chance to go back to Catalyst again, right?


              Isn't there even the possibility to lay a box over the textarea and get that linked with a mailto?


              Where is the problem technically?


              Thanks and greetings

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                This isnt working for me.

                Here is the code that I want to change. Any help appreciated. Also how do I text link using the same method to another page in catalyst?





                <s:RichEditableText editable="false">color="#ffffff" fontFamily="Arial" fontSize="12" height="89" lineHeight="150%" textDecoration="underline" d:userLabel="Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs Pre College Summer Pro" whiteSpaceCollapse="preserve" width="183" x="17" y="1498" text="Undergraduate Programs&#xd;Graduate Programs&#xd;Pre College Summer Programs&#xd;Continuing Studies">
                            <s:content><s:p><s:span><s:a href="http://www.adobe.com">Undergraduate Programs</s:a></s:span></s:p><s:p><s:span>Graduate Programs</s:span></s:p><s:p><s:span>Pre College Summer Programs</s:span></s:p><s:p><s:span>Continuing Studies</s:span></s:p></s:content>

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                  bhibbs Level 1

                  not getting this to work. can you see my post below and help? also how do you stylizie teh buttons once they work. the one i did get to work was that default blue color.