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    Script folder location


      Does it make any difference where an applescript is saved to for the scripts panel?

      Any advantages or disadvantages?


      User scripts are saved here:

      Macintosh HD/Users/Admin/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version 7.0/en_US/Scripts/Scripts Panel/


      While Application scripts are saved here:

      Macintosh HD/Applications/Adobe InDesign CS3/Scripts/Scripts Panel/

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          Haakenlid Level 3

          There's no difference how they work in InDesign.

          User scripts are only available for one user. They will not be available if someone else logs into your computer.

          Application scripts are available for all users on the computer, and they might only be editable by an administrator.


          If you are the only person using the computer you might as well put the scripts in the user folder.