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    Paste inside rounded rectangle


      Okay, this has driven me nuts trying to figure this out. I have this rounded box with a solid box pasted inside. The text box is the top layer. What I want is to paste a picture such that it will appear INSIDE the box as shown in the second image but the corners outside the box must remain white. You can see my layers in the third image. I'm using version of Fireworks 2.0 (yeah, I've been using the same version for years). If anyone can help me out here I'd be very grateful. I'd like to avoid using paste inside because that won't let me then resize the image -- I'd much rather just do a straight paste where I can then resize the image as needed.


      Let me know if I need to provide any additional information. Thanks in advance!


      UPDATE: I discovered that I could paste and resize and then cut, select box, and paste inside...BUT while that inserts the image inside the box correctly it places it over the blue bar (which was previously pasted inside the box). See the last two pictures to see an example. There must be an easier way...















































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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          I'm using CS5, so this may not be very helpful, but what I did was the following:


          Created one rounded rectangle for the main shape, added stroke and fill.

          Created a duplicate rounded rectangle, edited the bottom corners so they are not rounded.

          Cut that new rectangle from the canvas

          Selected my image and chose Edit > Paste as Mask

          Added my text.


          I've attached the PNG file if you want to have a look at it.rounded_box.png

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            seaneverett Level 1

            Thanks, I don't believe you can do "edited the bottom corners so they are not rounded" in Fireworks 2 -- which is why I had to paste inside to get the effect of the bottom bar. This may be one of those things that requires an upgrade, unless someone else has a another suggestion.


            Below is my current fix. Leave bottom box as-is in the border layer. Paste image in the picture layer and resize. Select bottom box and image, cut, select rounded box and paste inside. Looks perfect. Problem is I create these pretty regularly and this involves a lot more steps than I suspect is necessary. Then again, maybe in the version I'm using this is the best I can do.














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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              If you're working with vectors, they can be edited. It may just not be as easy, but it should be doable.

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                pixlor Level 4

                If you want white corners, why not start with that idea? Usually people are trying to get rid of their corners.


                • Make a solid, white, regular rectangle and two of your rounded rectangles, one solid/no stroke, the other stroked/no fill. The three objects should have the same dimensions or maybe make the rounded ones slightly smaller; Put the regular rectangle on the bottom and the stoked rectangle on the top.
                • Select the regular rectangle and the solid rounded rectangle and punch the rounded shape from the regular (I hope your version has punch, anyway!) Now you should have your white corners and your stroked, rounded rectangle just inside the corners.
                • Add your grey bar and move it below the the other two objects in the layer stack. The white corners will hide the corners of the grey bar.
                • Add your text on top.
                • Add your bitmap and move it below all other layers. Since it isn't pasted inside any other shape, you can position it and transform it any way you need to.


                Basically...make a frame that you can put your images behind.