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    Flash/Flex itemEditor Rendering Problem!


      I've created a simple checkbox itemEditer within a DataGrid control. It works swimmingly... you check the box and the data does what it's supposed to do (in this case just grab the ID's of the item's that are checked).

      However, the problem begins when a user decides to scroll up and down the DataGrid to have a peak at those item's not displayed. You can see an example here (click the 'Renew Contracts' button to see the Contract ID's of what you have checked) - click me!

      As you can see, when a user scroll's and flash renders the newly displayed items, it randomly checks and un-checks the checkboxes on the right but if you click the 'Renew Contracts' button again, you'll see that it hasn't actually affected what you litterally checked (which suggests it is infact a rendering issue).

      Any help on making flash behave itself and display check's in checkboxes that have actually been checked by the user would be much appreciated.