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    Mysql isnt recognised by php5

      I am having a problem with Mysql under php5. in Xp pro
      I installed Apache2 with the following MSi file - Apache_2.2.4-win32-x86-no_ssl
      I then Installed PHP5 with the following MSI file php-5.2.3-win32-installer
      the PHP installer configured the apache config file and both worked.

      I then installed Mysql with MSI file mysql-essential-5.0.45-win32
      In the server instance setup version 1.0.8 I chose...... Detailed configuration/ Developer machine/ Multifunctional database/ Inodb tablespace as Installation path / decision support / enabletcp/ip newtkg port:3306 /Strict mode enabled/ standard character set / install as a service / include bin directory ticked / root user passworksetc

      The config processes worked until 'Apply security settings' where i got the message error nr 2003 -"Could not connect to localhost. so I skipped that part.

      I uncommented "extension=php_mysql.dll" and restarted apache

      In phpinfo() there is no section for mysql so i presume it hasn't been installed properly.
      Also are there DLL's I need to download seperately eg php_mysqli.dll , libmysql.dll , php_mysql.dll. These have been commented on in various forums but not explained where they are supposed to go or which ones are needed.

      Is it only the PHP.ini file which needs to be revised or are there entries in the apache config file that need changing too?
      PHP installed in its own directory & MYSQL in its own. I don't have any php or localhost probelms just with Mysql configuration. Mysql also works from the command line so that can also be ruled out.

      I would be grateful for any help on this as I know this is a common setup a lot of weavers go through.

      Thanks in advance


      PS - a setup utility called XAMPP says it can install in one.