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    Re-importing *.psd or *.ai files


      I've been mocking up web pages in Photoshop and Illustrator and importing them into Flash Catalyst. After I start working on the sites in Flash Catalyst, I find myself having to go back to Photoshop or Illustrator to make edits.


      My question is how to I re-import my file back into FC with the new edits?


      I'm use to how ID or even AE works with external files. It seems that once you import the file within FC, you cannot make edits in the original program anymore.

      Any edits would require you to start over.


      Am I right in saying this?




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          Eric Lopatin (Adobe)

          Unlike ID or AE, Catalyst doesn't have the ability to recognize changes to linked (e.g. image) files on disk that are associated with a project.


          However it does provide similar roundtrip editing functionality. If you'd like to edit any portion of your existing layout in Catalyst via use of Illustrator, right-click the artwork in Catalyst and choose "Edit in Adobe Illustrator CS5".


          Images can be edited in Photoshop (also a right-click > Edit in Adobe Photoshop CS5). An update to the Photoshop plug-in required for this was recently posted to Adobe Labs: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/photoshopcs5_fxg/

          (from the above link you'll download a .zxp file. double-click the file and you'll be prompted to install it via the Adobe Extension Manager)


          Hope this helps,



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            MB_PD_Training Level 1

            Thanks for answering my question Eric.


            For future reference, should I use FC when adding text to my project instead of creating the layout with text in Illustrator or Photoshop?




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              Eric Lopatin (Adobe) Level 2

              Hi Michael – Sure, glad I could help. About when to add text to a project, here are some guidelines:


              Generally speaking, you can set type in any of the applications.


              FXG, which is the go-between graphics format used by Catalyst, AI and PS supports a wide range of text attributes. However Catalyst's text layout capabilities are somewhat limited in comparison to those of AI and PS. So if you have complex text in your source designs (especially static text that's unlikely to become part of, e.g. a button), it's probably a good idea to keep generating it in AI and PS. Then when you import into FC, its appearance should be well preserved.


              Text that will be turned into button labels, or parts of other components: you can go either way (import, or add directly in FC).


              The above said, here are some current limitations to keep in mind:

              - If text in an AI file has effects applied to it (dropshadow, etc), those effects will be preserved if they're equivalent to the effects that FC supports.

              - If text in a PS file has effects applied to it, you'll need to outline it or flatten it to preserve the appearance of the effects.

              - Text can't be selected for roundtrip editing in PS; and if you add text in PS, it's rasterized once you return to FC


              So to sum up:

              - complex text: create in AI or PS and import; edit in AI to update

              - text with effects: import from AI (but not PS files if you want to keep the text live), and/or just add text effects in FC

              - try to keep text live as often as possible, as this tends to help keep published SWFs lightweight