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    OT: Changing One Color in Image (especially on multiple images)

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      Please check out the image at

      I want to modify a series of location maps similar to this, changing the
      color green to red. I can easily open each image in Photoshop, select
      the green area, then dump in a bucket of red.

      However, that method could be a little sloppy - especially on complex
      images, like Indonesia, which may feature dozens of small green dots
      representing islands. As you probably know, using the Paint Bucket
      feature often expands the boundaries of the area you're dumping a color
      into. So I wondered if there's another method I can use to convert green
      to red - in either Photoshop or Fireworks. (I have both, but I haven't
      used Fireworks much yet.)

      Also, is there a way to automatically change one color to another for a
      series of images? For example, could I dump all my images into a folder
      named ColorChange, then convert everything in the file to a red version?


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