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    Why Adobe?


      Why is everyone going to this crappy program?  It's got nothing but problems.  I cannot even download it to my computer.  When I try nothing happens at all.  There is no contact info for this company except pay support.  The forums are useless.  The program is free but it's worthless if I cannot download to use it.  I'm not going to pay for support for a free program that's crap.  It pisses me off to no end that I don't have another choice of programs to use to read things but this crap.

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          jk2151 wrote:


          Why is everyone going to this crappy program?

          Going? Reader has been the main PDF Reader since...well...PDF's.


          jk2151 wrote:

          I cannot even download it to my computer.  When I try nothing happens at all. 

          If you can be more specific with your issue by supplying as many details as possible, we more than likely can help.


          jk2151 wrote:


          The forums are useless.

          Hundreds of peopkle a day would beg to differ. Again, some details from your end would be helpful


          jk2151 wrote:


          It pisses me off to no end that I don't have another choice of programs to use to read things but this crap.


          Actually, if you're dead set on not using Adobe Reader, try Google. There are MANY other choices.

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            Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

            OK, if that rant calmed you down somewhat, you are welcome. However:


            1. Adobe is a company, not a program.


            2. These user to user forums are not a way of addressing Adobe, and fellow users are just users like you, with your same power to influence Adobe.


            3. There are many threads giving specific help for downloading the free Adobe Reader. I find it strange that none of the suggestions in them has helped you.


            4. The many people who get useful help in these forums would seem to indicate that they are not useless.


            5. If you are looking for alternative programs for opening PDF files, there is a good number of them. several have been mentioned in this specific forum.

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              Hiya ! You are so correct ! It cost nearly $60 to have a problem solved for one Forum contributer, I agree there are several excellent readers out there for free, can't believe why everyone thinks Adobe is the be all and end all of readers !!

              I just uninstalled Adobe Reader and downloaded Foxit, no problem.

              Noticed how Adobe go awol when theres a sticky problem ? Don't even answer queries !

              Well done on your statement, hope someone in Adobe notices, doubt it tho'

              Cheers !

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                jk2151 Level 1

                1. Yes and the program has the same name as the company.  So what's your point?

                2. The reason your forums were not helpful to me is because I didn't receive any

                error messages that I could address in your forums.  So none of your help topics

                applied at the time because nothing happened and I received no messages.


                3. Most companies have a way of contacting the company when there are problems. 

                You only have pay support for contact apparently.  No feedback that I could



                4.  I have seen many forums on other websites with issues downloading Adobe in

                windows 7.  So apparently, many others are having issues as well. 


                5.  While I am typing this let me also say that the almost daily updates in

                Adobe are quite irritating.  Is the program that messed up that it needs

                updating so frequently? 


                6.  Finally, my frustration is obvious.  I appreciate your response.  My

                anger was mostly with the lack of contact info since I could not find a solution

                in your forums because I didn't have an error message to address.  I did,

                however, solve the problem.  I downloaded Firefox and downloaded Adobe reader. 

                Apparently, the problem was a pop up blocker and IE8 was failing to notify me so

                I didn't get anything.  No messages at all.  I assumed it was some issue with

                windows 7 since I have seen so many issues concerning compatibility with 32 bit

                and 64 bit. 



                So thanks for the reply and sorry for the rant.  You can remove it if you

                haven't already. 


                                     James Karnes  

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                  jk2151 Level 1

                  Thanks.  Did not know that.  I fixed the problem.  Pop up blocker apparently

                  with no notification.  Had to download firefox to figure that out. 


                                       James Karnes  

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                    ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Hi James. Maybe I can help clear things up a bit for you.


                    A. This is a User to User forum. Neither Claudio nor myself work for Adobe Systems. We're simply users like yourself.


                    B. If you have searched the forum and didn't find anything helpful, instead of a rant, post your issue. There are many of us fellow users that are willing to help and you'd probably get more help from us than you would by paying Adobe Systems for support.


                    C. Adobe IS a company that makes many applications. The one you are referring to (we assume) is called Reader. We like to hear the actual name of tha application since many people tend to get lost and post in the incorrect forum.


                    I hope you have your issue solved but if not, come on back and talk to us, give us as much information as you can about the issue, your OS and the NAME and version of the application and we'd be glad to help you out.

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                      jk2151 Level 1

                      Yeah having only pay support rubbed me wrong. Support for the free programs

                      should be free too.  Especially, when they are monopolizing.  I guess there are

                      more readers out there that i wasn't aware of.  I'll take a look at Foxit. 

                      Thanks. I fixed this problem though.  Popup blocker with no notification.  Had

                      to download firefox to figure that out.  Don't know how popup blocker got set up

                      that way.  Anyway, I was trying to reach Adobe with that rant because they don't

                      have any contact info but pay support.  Thanks for the info.


                                           James Karnes  

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                        ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        If you want to reach Adobe personnel with your issue, you can contact them at adbecare@adobe.com. They probably will not send back a response but they will see it.

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                          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                          Just to clarify some matters:


                          There are many Adobe programs that have Adobe at the beginning of their names, such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Reader.


                          Support given in these forums is free, and usually better than what you get from the paid support service, for people contributing in the forums are experienced everyday users of the products.


                          No regular participant of this forum has hidden the fact that there are many other programs that can read PDF files. On the contrary; they have frequently commented about them, reccommended several of them, and issued warnings about some of them -Foxit is known to install other things that are not removed if you remove the program.


                          Popup Blocker issues its own error notification at the top of the screen -unfortunately, easy to overlook.


                          And you can always get in here:


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                            jk2151 Level 1

                            Well I am aware that popup blocker usually gives message but this time it did

                            not.  So I was completely unaware of what the problem was.  After downloading

                            firefox it did give me a message so I went into look at the popup blocker for

                            IE8 and the box for notifications was not checked.  So I never received that

                            notification.  All fixed now.  I was just upset that I could not find a solution

                            because i had no error messages and was aware of some issues of compatibility in

                            windows 7.  So with no messages forums were no help.  No way to contact Adobe

                            except pay support. 


                                                 James Karnes  

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                              jk2151 Level 1

                              Yes it is resolved.  Thanks.  Sorry for the rant.  I was frustrated with not

                              knowing what the problem might be.  No messages to go by.


                                                   James Karnes  

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                                jk2151 Level 1

                                Thanks again for the info.  Your a lot of help.  I'm good now.

                                                     James Karnes