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    Flex 3.5 copylocale does not work form some locales

    ghess01 Level 1

      Hi All,


      We are in the process of adding support for a few new locales; pt_PT, zh_CN, zh_TW, ko_KR, ru_RU but when I run:


      copylocale.exe en_US pt_PT


      The flex 3.5 sdk folder /frameworks/locale has no pt_PT folder created with the 3 swf's.

      When I install Flex 3.3 sdk and try the same it works fine.


      No errors are reported in the copylocale output...


      Seems really strange, cant think of how I am messed up my 3.5 sdk. I tried deleting my 3.5 sdk folder and download a fresh one and installed with same result...


      Any help much appreciated.