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    CS4-Any advantage in upgrading the video card?

    jdmoor Level 1

      I'm running a Dell T3400, Vista 64, 8gig ram, and this is just a generic question.  My current video card is a NVIDIA Quadro FX 570, 256mb.   Would there be any advantage in upgrading to a newer video card?   I know CS4 doesn't have the Mercury engine CS5 has and I want to move to CS5, but I'm certain (almost) that putting CS5 on my Dell T3400 would be something akin to powering the USS Regan with an outboard motor!    I think CS4 is about all this computer wants as it is.


      What's driving this silly question?.... Well, I got a new Sony HD camera recently and this T3400 really grunts when I'm editing HD; and Media Encoder takes for bloody ever!    Just trying to figure a cheep way to get a little more speed and less frustration.