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    ACR Camera Profiles - missing?


      I'm new to ACR and would like to open a .nef file using a Nikon D3 camera profile.  I'm running the last version of cs5 and ACR 6.2 (updated today).  When I open the file in ACR, I see the Camera Calibration tab, and the Camera Profile pop up menu.  I see profiles that look generic, like Camera D2X Model 1, Camera Vivid, etc.  I looked in Adobe Application Support (Mac OS 10.6) and see a long list of camera profiles, including the D3..what am I doing wrong?  I'm missing something for sure.

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          JimHess-DIrcbP Level 3

          The profiles you see listed are the profiles that have been created for your Nikon D3.  You will never see your camera model listed in that list of profiles.  Camera Raw will only display the profiles that have been created for that camera.  The "generic" list that you referred to is the list of profiles Adobe seems to routinely create for Nikon cameras.  I have that same set of profiles for my D90 and my D40.  The list appears to be the same, but they are separate profiles that have been created for different models.

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            NADImages Level 1

            Two questions, then.  Where would I find an explanation of what each subprofile does (or am I just supposed to look at the effect and choose whatever I like)?  I didn't see anything in Adobe's help on this.  And why would the list include the Nikon D2X?  I think that's the predecessor model to the D3, but I'm not clear why that profile is included.

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              JimHess-DIrcbP Level 3

              Since Lightroom will not read in-camera settings for raw images, those profiles have been designed and named to emulate those settings as closely as possible.  I'm not enough of a Nikon historian to understand why they include profiles for the D2X, but they are there for every Nikon camera that I am aware of.  Apparently there was something about the output of that camera that a lot of people look for.



              When I first started using Lightroom and the profiles I was quite satisfied with the Camera Standard profile, which simulates standard output from the camera in JPEG mode.  But it was a little too saturated and the shadows were a little harsh for my liking.  I eventually changed to the Camera Neutral profile and made a couple of adjustments to saturation and vibrance.  It comes a lot closer to what I want.  I have found that the D2X mode 3 will sometimes soften the shadows and give me a better result.  But basically, you just need to experiment with the different profiles to see what they do.  Eventually you will come to know when to turn to them.  It's a pretty simple concept.

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                NADImages Level 1

                Thanks for the info, Jim.  I wish Adobe made their information more accessible (I always hunt around before I post anywhere but got nowhere with this one); I appreciate your iput.