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    Crash at project file open

    Navarro Parker Level 3

      I seem to get this a lot. AE starts up fine. I go to open a project.


      And it crashes with some default plug-in error: 'The Plug-In "Glow" caused After Effects to Crash'. And then it saves a recovery file (which is almost always fine to use).


      Then the second error is one of two things.  "Something something Blitpipe" or "Something something Dynamic Link"  (I never use Dynamic Link. Don't get me started!)  There's a third type that's recent: "UnconstraintFPSIFApprorpaite. ADBEVideoFPS constraint off etc etc"


      If I reopen the original file again and have the Caps Lock activated. It'll load fine. And it won't crash. When I release Caps Lock, the project appears normally without crashing.


      Any ideas what the funk is going on?  Happening with two machines:  Mac Pro (early 2009), 24GB RAM, 10.6.4. and Mac Pro (mid 2010) 32GB RAM, 10.6.4.