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    Best way to make iPhone prototype?


      I have a complete UI for my iPhone app done up in Fireworks. 

      Before it goes to development, I'd like to create an 'animated prototype' to  show off what the final product will look like.  Complete with iOS  style effects (moving  screens, button states, etc).

      My plan is to setup my UI in Flash CS5 and then use the timeline, motion  tweens, and actionscript to  animate it.   No functionality, just  strictly an animation showcasing a user case study example (so more like a video than a prototype).

      That said, this is my first  time recreating the iOS effects in Flash. So I'm curious - is there a better, easier way to accomplish this?  

      Is there a solution offered by Adobe that would help me accomplish this?   Or perhaps there are some .fla templates available which include the basic iOS animations?