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    autocad 2010 dwg to illustrator cs5


      I am trying to import an autocad 2010 dwg into illustrator cs5.  I am new to illustaror.  The help documents and forum discussions say illustrator can open dwg files.  I get error messages.  I tried place command, still doesn't work.  The dwg file is very simple--just some linework--so there should not be problems with layers, colors,etc.


      Can someone explain these simple steps to openthe dwg file?



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          Rupam_Delhi Level 1

          According to me we can simply place the AutoCAD drawing in the Illustrator file by using the PLACE command (File>Place). However in this method the drawing is not at any particular scale and needs to be scaled manually using a scale bar as a reference. This process can be tedious and not highly accurate .


          Also we can make a PDF file out of the autocad drawing. The advantage in using this method is that the output PDF can be at the required scale. Thus when we place the PDF into the Illustrator file it is according to the required scale and doesnot require any further adjustments in terms of scale.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            I get error messages.


            And which ones? Aside from that, it would realyl be important to know what the file actualyl conatins and in which program it was created. If there are unsupported/ unconvertable entities, theissue is very likely just as much when exporting/ saving the file with wrong options or not properly organising the CAD data in teh first place....



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              Sebastian Andraos

              Probably a bit late now but I have found that Illustrator isn't fond of 2010 DWG files because of their ability to store 3d data. From autocad to illustrator simply File>Save As> Call it whatever you want but make sure you select 2004 dwg from the drop down menu. Then you can open it in Illustrator and it will give you options to scale it however you want. I have found that this works with incredibly complex combinations of layers and Polylines and all sorts. Hope this is still helpful

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                I've tried all methods suggested, except for the Save As from the AutoCad program (if I had the program, I wouldn't need to open it in Illustrator ).


                I, as an illustrator (not an architect or engineer) received several DWG files (AutoCad  plans) from a consultant and our management wants it rendered into an illustration containing cutaway views, [fading] transparency, and other "niceties" (think National Geographic) and I CAN'T get these files to open. I've tried to Place, Import, Open...even downloaded several supposed "AutoCad plug-ins for Illustrator (CS5) but I get errors saying "unrecognized format", etc.


                I'm somewhat new to Illustrator (I'm a Freehand refugee ), but this is VERY frustrating on top of everything else.

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                  sharifrw4 Level 1

                  I was trying to import Revit 2013 dwg sheets into Illustrator and it wasnt working etc.. Fustrated with the latest stuff.. Then I just tried what Sebastian Andraos suggested and he was spot on and it worked. Thanks for the tip.. SO, Save the DWG files as a 2004 version and it will place into illustrator no problem.. Yea im stoked!!

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                    I converted file from .dwg  to .dxf in autocad ,then import to illustrator.

                    It's work.

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                      I use Draftsight and save it as  DWG format in version R14 drawing.

                      I could open it in illustrator CS6. Also recognize Layers.

                      But wasn't a complex draw.

                      Maybe Illustrator don't recognize all DWG formats, you need to downgrade versions to achieve the right one to open in Illustrator.

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                        AutoCAD .dwg files need to be save down to 2004 format in order for it to open or be placed into illustrator.  Works Great!