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    ColdFusion + FCKEditor + ColdFusion Reports =  garbage


      We have ColdFusion 8 and 9 installed on different servers and are using the FCKEditor (JavaScript rich text editor) provided with ColdFusion. The editor works fine in all installations, and we can format the document every possible way. Unfortunately, we use the ColdFusion Report Builder and it has no clue what to do with the HTML output from the editor. We've tried everything possible, but cannot get the report to format like the editor. In CF Report Builder's native output, we get all the HTML tags and encoding (especially annoying are the rows of ' ', one after another). We use SQL Server and I've found a method to strip all that out, but we don't want plain text. If we did, we wouldn't have added FCKEditor! We've tried playing with "XHTML Text Formatting" and some search turned up the suggestion of changing the "PDF Character Encoding" to Identity-H. Neither of these work. Can anyone tell me how to get ColdFusion Report Builder to create reports that have the formatting provided by the rich text editor?