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    Copy and pasting keyframes from 1 graphic to another - PP won't let me

    David Zeno Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a graphic on my time line which I applied some keyframes to.  Elaborate enough for me to want to copy and past them into memory, and use them

      again, on another graphic at another point on the time line.


      Problem - I go to the graphic that contains my keyframes, and highlight them with my mouse, and then copy them to memory.


      I now to go my other graphic, click it to select it, and then try to paste the keyframes to this new graphic ..... but it won't work.... PP has the "paste" function

      grayed out.


      The keframes are simple opacity changes, but are complicated enough that I don't want to try and duplicate them manually.


      What is the solution ?   Hopefully ... there is one :-)


      Thanks all,