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    Export ArrayCollection to XML



      I’m a little confused onhow to convert my ArrayCollection containing a custom class (actionscriptimport) in each node into an xml.



      My custom class is VERY simple…


      public class Widget


           public var name:String //typically I would make this private but I got no results without publicizing it   

           public function Widget()




           public function SetName(_name:String):void {

                name = _name;


            public function GetName():String {

                return name





      I create a bunch of these in an ArrayCollection using a simple form to feed in the data, then I want toexport the xml. I found the following code and tried to apply it…



      private function Convert_Click():void{




      private functionarrayCollectionToXML(ac:ArrayCollection):void{


           for(var key:Object in myAls) {

                xml= objectToXML(myAls[key]);

                display.text+= xml;




      private functionobjectToXML(obj:Object):XML {

                               varqName:QName = new QName("root");

                                    varxmlDocument:XMLDocument = new XMLDocument();

                                    varsimpleXMLEncoder:SimpleXMLEncoder = new SimpleXMLEncoder(xmlDocument);

                                    varxmlNode:XMLNode = simpleXMLEncoder.encodeValue(obj, qName, xmlDocument);

                                    varxml:XML = new XML(xmlDocument.toString());




      With my code as is when I input some widgets and assign names I get…


      <root><name>junk</name></root><root><name>junk1</name></root><root><name>junk2</name></roo t>


      I understand that each time I make a call to my function objectToXML() I am essentially stating to make another xml file, but I'm not sure how else to get xml output for my objects and their properties. When I directly pass theArrayCollection I get a breakdown on the object itself. I’ve seen where otherexamples usually piece their data together using arrays then converting them toan ArrayCollection.



      My question is… what am I missingto make this work the way I expect it? I’m tempted to simply iterate through myArrayCollection and concatenate a giant string.