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    make a button disappear


      I am making a jeopardy game for a school project and I was wondering how I would make the buttons disappear after they have been clicked?




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          Jason Szeto Level 3

          You can set the visible property to false or set alpha to 0.


          - Jason

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            Arun Blue Brain

            you can capture which button was clicked if u write event on button

            <mx:Button id="standardBtn" label="Standard Button" 
            in script
            protected function buttonClickHandler(event:Event):void
                            Alert.show(" Button id "+ event.target.id + " label" + event.target.label) ;

            now u can hide the particular button

            button.visible=false;//makes the button invicible, but the space will be used by button.

            button.includeInLayout=false;// removes the space used by button on stage.