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    Can Multiple 3D Photoshop Layers Interact in 3D Space in AE?

    Tim Dougherty Level 1

      I'm trying to create a 3D simulation of a microphone diapgragm in AE CS5.  I'm able to create, import, and move 3D content created in Photoshop with no issues.  In this case though, I have two 3D cylinders and I want one to be moving inside the other, like a piston inside a cylinder.  I can't manage to get the two layers to work in 3D space in AE.  One is always on top of the other.  Is this even possible?  Photoshop doesn't show them interacting in 3D space, either.  My suspicion is I'll have to go to a dedicated 3D program to accomplish this, but I thought I'd ask the experts.  TIA