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    How do I keep my camera settings in ACR?

    Alisa Marrow

      Hi, I'm sorry if this is a very elementary question, but it has been driving me nuts for years!

      How can I retain my camera settings in ACR? For example if I shoot in a monochrome setting, why won't it stay in Bridge or ACR?

      It just converts it to color in Bridge and ACR.


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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          Simple...you can't.


          The ONLY settings that ACR will read is the white balance. All other settings are proprietary to the camera and not available to Camera Raw. Camera Raw does provide various DNG Profiles to simulate certain settings made in the camera maker's software (depending on the camera maker) but other settings are ignored.

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            When you shoot RAW, the camera generates a preview JPEG file it encloses in the RAW file. All camera settings are applied to the JPG, but not to the RAW file. When you look at a photo on the camera's LCD screen what you see is this JPG preview file, and no the RAW file. When you import a RAW file into Lightroom or ACR, the RAW file is displayed.


            Other reason is camera manufacturers keep these settings hidden, so Adobe has no way of applying them to the RAW file. Either shoot JPG or use the supplied software to develop the RAW files. Otherwise you will have to develop them yourself in ACR/Lightroom.

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              Dennis 1111 Level 2

              I'll just add to Jeff's response to say that it is pretty easy to set up Presets in ACR to simulate/reproduce the in-camera settings (monochrome, high-contrast, high-sat, etc.).


              You don't even need to go into ACR proper to apply them. You can select one or more images in Bridge, right-click, and select the appropriate Preset from the "Develop Settings" list.  It will be applied to all images selected.  Easy-peasy.


              You can also use the camera manufacturer's software and it WILL use the in-camera settings as an initial starting point.

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                Alisa Marrow Level 1

                Wow! I've never used this forum. I am so glad I did.

                I thought this might be the answer. I've got presets and I guess that is what acr is for in the first place. Just thought I'd see if i was missing something.

                Thanks for all the informative help.

                Now to create MORE presets!!