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    Well I posted my my CS3 flash question in the Flash Player section (whoops)


        I'd guess it would be redirected or I will be disciplined for sure. But ok here it is here also. (forgive me)

      I've rebuilt my system and am on my last install of CS3 production studio. I have'nt a clue how to use flash except I'd be interested in the media encoder conversion to flash. But yes that I would use it from within premier ect. So I think I installed CS3 correctly by deleating any versions of flash afterward installing CS3 and then downloading the 9.0.280 version stuff. Including the debugger and whatever the other one was. But I don't get it whether I have to change some settings when being on the internet or what. And now I'm still just getting this buggy feeling that it's no longer really an issue and it's OK to have the latest Flash player 10.4 or whatever it is. The only thing I know about useing Flash is what we called silver nitrate and I have'nt played with that in over thiry years it's kinda a different thing all together. So can someone fill me in on this I have no idea. ~~~it's greatly appriciated thanks~~~
      If I do need to be banished to Flash 9.0.280 forever or 9.0.283 whichever way it is then so be it. I've printed up most of the referances and links ect. But I just want to be able to basicly work in premier aftereffects photoshop and I also have audtion 3.0 on my machine. And to me there are numourous instances in the above mentioned programs that often use what very well may be some version of flash player. I feel like I really just came in from left field or even beyond...