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    Using a downloaded image as the icon style for a Button

    Claudino Bur



      I have a problem and after a lot of investigation I have reached to no conclusion.


      When setting the icon to a Button, a Class of an image is needed. This can be done very simply by embeding an image. But what I would like to do is use an image known only at runtime.


      More exactly I can not download an image from an external source, obtain it bitmapData or something else, convert it and assign it as the icon style for a Button.


      So my problem is that for the Flex components that need an image, a Class needs to be assigned, and I can not use an external image to download it, to convert it in some way and assign it.


      Does anybody have any sugestion? Is it possible?


      My purpose is to make some utility that just downloads the images and after the downloading has been completed, to notify the "client" it should take the "created Class" to use it as a style.


      Thank you in advance for your time,
      Claude Bur.