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    The right way to save images for Air? compression issue?


      I've been having some strange image compression issues with Air.  I'm not sure if i'm saving the images correctly.  This is also my first time using Air.  The flash swf file works fine and i'm using a ui.loader to load the images.  The pictures are crisp and clean.  But when I publish settings and change it to Air, the pictures load but they have strange pixelated portions that I can't seem to trouble shoot out of.


      Is there a way that I should be saving images.  Right now i'm saving them as jpgs.  the same issue occurs if i just place images without using the ui.loader.  So I'm assuming its an image compression problem.  I've tried deblocking and changed the quality settings numerous time, but no dice.


      Help would be really appreciated.



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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee


          Would it be possible to get a sample project that would illustrate the issue for us?  Screenshots might help too.  Are you displaying the images at their native resolution or are your resizing?




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            Alans315 Level 1

            So apparently while screen shooting for the example, i found out that the size from the swf file was clearly larger than the air file movie preview.  I had remembered that I set up some dimensions in the advanced settings in the air file.  The width seemed fine, but the height was smaller than the original swf.  I had just plugged in the dimensions from the swf, so after i took them out, the pictures came out fine.  It looks like they were being squished so that's why they were all pixelated. 


            I'm not sure If i was supposed account for the top menu bar in air file that was squishing the swf file?  Is there a dimension that I should have added in the advanced settings to the height so that the swf file would have enough room? 


            For now it seems that it works fine.  But i'm not sure why it did this.  I was under the impression that the swf dimensions would be the ones to go by.  But if there was something I missed please let me know.  Thanks for your speedy response and I appreciate all your help.