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    Is this the best way to use flash?

    JamieG326 Level 1

      Our new corporate video at []


      was built using flash.  Do you think the interactive piece of it works?  Interactive part starts about 1 minute in or click the "SKIP" button.


      Thanks in advance for your help and feedback!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Flash can work quite well for presentations like this, but... I have no intention to offend with this... I didn't dare tread beyond the first step of the interactive part.


          The opening presentation has too much of a Sham-wow flavor to it--a carny sales pitch, and it makes me skeptical of what clicking anything might end up leading to.  I wouldn't create this style of presentation (the atmosphere, not the content) for a corporation, but that's just me, and I may not qualify as being young/savvy enough to know what a good corporate image is these days.

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            zeroskillz Level 3

            I like what you've done with flash, but not  really a fan of the voice-over. It seems a bit over-acted so to speak. Just my opinion....

            I did really like what you did with the flash. I enjoyed the different visuals you used to represent the script. Nice job with that.


            I didn't proceed beyond the intro though... the 'take your time' and humming kind of made me retreat...




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