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    Populate Linkbar From Web Service

    scooter5791 Level 1

      I am populating a LinkBar from a web service so I won't know how many items there are until the data is loaded or, more specifically the width required to display the links. I want to have the links display in more than one row if the width exceeds the design specifiactions. I haven't found a way to dynamically do this after the web service delivers the xml data - so if there are more links than will fit in the allotted screen space it will create a scroll bar. If I give the LinkBar either a specific pixel width or set the width at 100% this is what happens - if I set a mamimum width it crops the control.

      What I want to do is load the data from the web service and then dynaically determine the width needed and tell the LinkBar to display the links in multiple rows. Is this possible?