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    Update Progress Bar manually

    flexstone Level 1

      I have a custom event that I dispatch to update a progressBar which works nicely for downloading a file.


      I am trying to use the same technique to indicate progress of moving several directories from a DVD to the appStorageDirectory when the app is launched for the first time.


      I have the moving of files working fine but the progressBar though the event is dispatched does not update its display. Here is a snippet of my code loop which copies the directories....



                var incr:int = 1;
                var mx:int = copyRes.length;
                     for each(var packageFolder:File in copyRes){
                         var dir:String = packageFolder.nativePath.toString().split(OSSep).pop()
                         this.dispatchEvent(new progressMadeEvent("incrementChange",incr,mx))



      Here is the update function in the titleWindow (PopUpWindow) that contains the progressBar


      private function updateProgress(event:progressMadeEvent):void{
                          labelStr = int((event.increment/event.max)*100)+"% complete"
                          cBar.label = labelStr
                          trace(labelStr) // this trace displays the expected label but the label display does not change
                          if(event.increment==event.max && event.max>0){


      What am I missing here ?