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    Help understanding best Export options for Large Animation


      Hi all,


      I am working on a project where I have roughly 12 different animations approx 1-2 mins each.  These were all rendered from a 3D program called modo at 24 fps and 1920 x 1080.


      My issue is my unfamiliarity with the best - most efficient option to output the highest quality but without humongous file sizes.


      For example.  Right now I have exported 5 of them to a .wmv file and the file is over 275 MB.  Running time is at 6 mins.


      What I can't understand is like a full length movie at these quality settings is like a few gig but an hour plus.


      Oh one other note - I am open to a different file format such as .mov


      I have tried to do research into this with confusing results.  I understand that H.264 and quicktime are pretty good options, but I don't seem to get great results in PPRo.


      ALso - which H.264?  There is one under "Format" and there is one under "Quicktime format" > codec.


      I am using CS5


      Do you have any suggestions for exporting my movie from PPRO?


      Thanks again.