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    How to override textframe contents on a page when the textframe is in the masterpage?

    Wozorito Level 1


      We are having issues while building a catalogue automation tool. When we try to go from a MasterPage, load it an apply it to new pages in a new separate document (all of this works fine) , the pages on which the masterpage has been applied don't have any textframes to modify.

      In indesign it's perfectly possible to override this on a per page basis. Could you point us at how to do this in scriping?

      Please find bellow a sample (that doesn't work) covering what we try to do


      function Main()
              var document = app.documents.add();
              var page = document.pages.add();
              // Pseudo code
              var mytextfrm = RetrieveOurItemFromTemplate() // this works and returns our item
              var mytextfrm2 = RetrieveOurItemFromPageItself() // this fails
              page.textFrames // this is empty!!!       
              mytextfrm.contents = "test" // this works but obviously updates the master, we want to update the text on a per -page  basis and generate thouthands of pages


      // In the above code we see that the page has the right template (and it shows in indesign) but it doesn't have any templates in it's template property thus we can't override anything.


      Best regards