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    How to crop the stage


      Hi, I have drawn objects outside the stage in the belief they would be croped automatically when creating the swf. BUT it doesn't. The objects are of course on the stage but pour over the edge... Anyone who knows what I need to do? To actually draw the objects inside the stage can be trickey since they are sort of supposed to be bigger than the stage. If I draw them inside the  stage there is a risk of a little gap... Hope this is understandable...

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's not clear what you are asking about or what your problem is, but here's a shot at it...  Normally, the stage defines the visible limits of what you see when you look at an swf that is embedded in an html file.  But if you look at the swf directly, it is possible to see things that are off the stage if the ration of the dimensions of the swf do not match those of the viewing window.

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            Botilada Level 1

            Hi, I think you got it right. Thanks a lot! Is there a way to "crop" the items to the size of the stage? But maybe you mean it is not necessary if only the measurements on the webpage is ok? But I would like it to look ok as an swf-file too... Is it too much to ask fore?

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              To have only the stage visible under all conditions you can place a mask over the stage, which means the mask will have to mask whatever lives in your timeline.  An alternative to this, if masking everything will be too complicated, you could try creating the equivalent of a picture frame using a rectangle that you place on a layer above all other layers... it would have a cutout the size of the stage so that the stage content is visible, but would otherwise be large enough to hide anything that falls off the stage.

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                Botilada Level 1

                Hi, thanks again. This is helpful. I started thinking in the terms of a workaround like your suggestions, so I think I will solve this. I do think it is a bit strange that this is not an option in Flash. Am I the only one with this need? If you are to send an swf-file to a client as a preview of what to deliver I think this functionality would be useful. To actually controle the result in the swf-file and not in the html-file... I am going to send my work to a teacher, and it does not look good if there are items sort of sticking out in ugly ways...

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                  jendehaan Level 4

                  Yes, this is an enhancement request that we know will be useful. Many people (myself included) create a stage-size cutout on the topmost layer and turn it on and off. Another way to do this is to click the outline mode button to turn the mode on and off for all layers (thus revealing the stage size and the artworks relation to it). Regardless, I also hope to see this feature in a future version.

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                    Icicles Level 1

                    Well, it's 2016, now, and I'm having the exact same issue.  Has this been resolved?  It looks terribly messy to share these mock-ups with clients for review.   

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                      Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      I didn't see this discussion from five years ago. I'm surprised nobody mentioned stage scale mode. Flash defaults to 'showAll', which gives the behavior you're describing. You could include this line in your timeline:


                      stage.scaleMode = "noBorder";


                      and then when people resize the window they will just get the center area of the content. If they make the window wider, the stage area will fill the width, and crop some of the height. If they make the window taller, the stage area will fill the height and crop some of the width.


                      Is that a sufficient solution for you?