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    RH 8.0.2 Caution on copying links in tables

    kimcramer42 Level 1

      Hi, everyone. I have posted before on project corruption issues. My first problem was identified by Peter G (thanks, Peter!) - I had () in my HTML topic filenames and this is a no-no. I fixed my topic names and things worked smoothly for a while. Then I began experiencing a series of corrupt projects, with Adobe not being much help. I finally figured out what was causing my issues and thought I would post the info to help others avoid my pain.


      The problem occurs when copying or cutting and then pasting to another column in the same table, if the info you're moving contains hyperlinks. As soon as you paste, you will see broken links appear in your project. If you then save, the project will be corrupt the next time you access it. Sometimes it shuts down right away. The broken links do not occur when copying or cutting and then pasting to another row in the same column.


      When looking at the broken links, they appear to have been turned into a strange nested path - basically, one copy of the correct project path followed by another copy of the path - made into one long path string that RH apparently can't resolve. You can fix the links by reselecting the correct topic. If you do that before saving, the project remains OK.


      I filed a bug report with Adobe. Copying should work whether it's row to row or column to column.


      I hope this info is helpful!