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    Roto brush - dynamic link - video goes out of sync, but mask stays in sync


      I'm working on a project with a sequence where people in full color are walking through a black and white world (like Pleasantville).  My plan was to take the edited sequence and duplicate it on the video track above the original clips.  Then use "Replace With After Effects Composition" on the top clip and use Roto Brush in AE to create a mask around my subjects.   I did three clips and everything worked great until I realized the linked clips were 1 frame behind the original clips.  So, I restarted the process, making sure everything was in sync before starting.  I go through it again and find my video off by 1 frame again.  Upon closer inspection, I realized the mask on the linked clip was actually in sync with the background video, while the video was one frame behind.  This makes no sense to me.  How does the video get thrown behind one frame but the mask stays in sync?


      I thought I'd bring the question here before going back to the old school way of exporting, importing, rendering, exporting, importing, etc.


      Any help would be much appreciated.