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    Can't Open PDFs Inside Firefox


      I have installed the latest Adobe Reader 9 and want to open PDF documents inside of the Firefox browser on Vista. No matter what I do, I  always get a popup window asking me if I want to download or open in Adobe Reader when I click on a pdf file. I have Firefox's tools - options -  applications set to "use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)". I have  re-installed Adobe Reader and Firefox with the most recent versions. I  have manually copied the plugin dll from its Adobe directory to the  Firefox directory, over-writing the existing one in Firefox. I have  deleted pluginreg.dat and let Firefox recreate it. None of this does anything for me. My  IE, however, will open PDF files inline with Adobe Reader. Any ideas?

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          I have the same problem, but you at least get the option to open the PDF within firefox.

          I dont get that option.


          I have tried reinstalling and even installing a previous verision.



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            I have the same problem, after installing Adobe Reader Ver 9.4.0.  Using FF Ver 3.6.12 and XP home edition.  Prior to this last Adobe installation, I could always download PDF documents from the Internet.  But now, when I try to download, I first get an all white page for a second or two and then the page goes all black and nothing happens after that.  Have tried it many times, and always get the same result.

            I can still open PDFs from those stored on my Hard Drive OK, but I can no longer open or download any PDF from the Internet. 

            Has to be a defect in the latest Adobe version.  Is there any fix for this?



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              OK, I fixed the problem:

              a)  Uninstalled Adobe Reader Ver 9.4.0

              b)  Installed Adobe Reader Ver 7.0

              Now it works just fine, and very fast too.  Sometimes, "progress" is not always actually progress...