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    Problem running FlexUnit test in FlashBuilder




      I am trying to run a FlexUnit Test within FlashBuilder.  I did the following things:


      1. Created a new project.

      2. Created a new TestCase class.

      3. Create a test method annotated by [Test]

      4. Run then test by righclicking on the project and selecting runas -->  FlexUnit Tests



      The project runs and when I run in debug, I can see the tests get executed by stepping through them.  The problem is after the tests are run, it seems to get hung.





      When I go to FlashBuilder, I see the following in the FlexUnit resulots.




      It is almost as if it is getting hung.  I have tried recreating the project and going through the process several times with no luck.  Is there a configuration in FlashBuilder than I may have wrong that may be contributing to this?