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    Script to Batch Remove or Change Comment Identity (=Author)

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      I have some PDF files from (supposedly) anonymous reviewers that have their (login) names showing up in the Acrobat comments.  In order to be really anonymous, each of the comment Author fields needs to be changed manually (to something like "Reviewer"), but there can be literally hundreds of comments per manuscript, so this gets pretty tedious.  So, I'm wondering if there is a way to create a menu item script that can be run on a document to either remove or change the comment Author name?  Any ideas on how to go about this with Acrobat scripting?


      I know that there is a way for folks to change this before the start commenting, but most of our reviewers are not very computer adept, so asking them to run through the steps to do this may cause issues.  So a solution that can be run on my end would help immensely.


      Anyway, I would appreciate any help folks can lend on such a script.




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          Ok, try67 has such a script (thanks for letting me know about this try67).


          However, after playing around a bit I have found that you can do something similar in Acrobat without going the script route.


          Just open your PDF file that contains comments.

          1)  Then, in Acrobat v9, open the Comment and Markup toolbar by clicking on the View menu >> Toolbars >> Comment & Markup.

          2)  When the toolbar appears, click Show >> Show Comments List.

          3)  Click on the first comment in the list (to place the focus on the comment window).

          4)  Press Ctrl + A (to select all items;  If you want to select only a subset of the comments, use the Ctrl + mouse click or Shift + mouse click).

          5)  Right click on one of the selected items (you may have to do this on the left hand side of the screen to get the popup menu), and then select Properties.

          6)  In the Properties window that appears, click the General tab.

          7)  In the Author field, change the name that appears there to whatever you would like (or just delete).

          8)  Then click the Ok button.


          This should change all of the Author names on each selected comment to the name you entered.

          Sure beats doing this one at a time!!


          Hope this helps someone else.




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            This was very helpful.

            Thank you!