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    DISCUZ: file size of a flex project

    run,ryan! Level 3

      When people ask: 'why is my flex file size so big?' or 'WTH, a simple hello world cost me 200kb?', adobe always lie to ppl:'you can decrease the size final bin file from 20-80% by using RSL'. But actually using RSL dose not make the size of project any smaller, the swf file + framework file is even a bit bigger than not using RSL.

        Yes I know signed RSL is cached in flash player but what if a customer never opened a flash made by flex before? the size of the framework will just block him away if hes a dail-up user.

        So I'm badly hopping that, for the next version of flex, adobe could optimize and loosly design the framework, use just-in-time compilation, and flash player could choose to either use a already cached full flex package if have one, or download the user's smaller just-in-use flex framework, which is not shareable.Otherwize, adobe could just make flex native to flash plaer. So a flex developer won't feel so awkward before a AS developer...