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    automatic syncing of libraries with readers

    SushantKataria1981 Level 1

      is there a feature in the pipeline(obviously a question for adobe) by which my libraries in ADE can sync up with my devices. i have a nook and a sony reader and it would be nice if i could set these to sync up automatically when i connect the devices to my laptop using USB. drag-and-drop everytime is, most of the times, not a very nice way to do it.




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          SushantKataria1981 Level 1

          can someone from Adobe please let us know, if users can expect this functionality in the near future?

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            Jim Lester Level 4

            Adobe does not generally discuss unannounced products, and next version for Digital Editions has not been announced yet.  (Also this is a User to User forum, and not generally monitored).


            (ps. that being said, I would not expect automatic synching of libraries as a feature in the next version of ADE).

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              SushantKataria1981 Level 1

              Hmm.. i was hoping that would not be the case but unfortuantely a  very handy feature seems to have been (and might continue to) be  ignored.

              Given the fact that digital editions is going to be the  most pervasive tool for reading protected documents (assuming adobe DRM  continues to gain acceptance and becomes the norm) it would have helped  avid readers tremendously. Everytime we drag our files onto the readers  from ADE, they appear as multiple instances on the readers, be it a  sony, nook or any other hardware. It may not be always possible to  exclude files from the selection in ADE and multiple instances as a  result of this on the reader are a little annoying. If not an automatic  sync, maybe a sync option which could sync a reader with a specific  library/all libraries in ADE would be nice. Reviewing dozens of  documents a week and maintaining it in two places (or more) is not "user  friendly" in my opinion.


              Thanks for your inputs on this Jim.



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                I wouldn't hold my breath.  I love my Nook but the software and the software support that go along with it are crap.  There are so many annoyances that the only good thing about it is reading books you've bought from B&N.  A partial wishlist that I have seen others talk about:


                1) Auto sync


                2) Not shoving all your other books into "Documents" so you have to go back and forth looking for stuff and/or remembering to go read books you picked up somewhere


                3) Organizing books the way you want to, not the way they want to including:


                     - folders within Nook

                     -marking them read and making it obvious to you the reader that you have read them

                     -marking them partially read ie a bookmark tag so that you can see which books you are currently reading

                          -and going along with that you could have a folder that was your "Bedside Table" books, ones that you are currently working through

                     -removing books that are no longer there (I still have books I borrowed months ago showing up on my Nook


                4) Making the library easier to organize by showing which books are on the Nook and which are only in the library


                5) Allowing you to search the library on ADE


                I might think of others but this is what I have immediately.

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                  In searching for a way to really synchronize the books (EPUB/PDF) and relevant annotations/bookmarks between ADE and Android/Mantano.


                  Dragging back and forth manually is so... Tedious and.... Unimaginative... : )


                  Besides, when I try to copy the annotatioons/bookmarks from Android/Mantano back to ADE by dragging back the book back to desktop, it asks me whether I want to replace/skip/duplicate the file. I suppose I'm to choose "replace", but then it messes up the filenames (ADE replaces spaces with underscores when transferring the files to the device) and creates another copy of annot in the Annotations folder.


                  Also, I have some PDF that I don't read under Mantano and ADE, but ADE just shows all the EPUB/PDF on the device anyway... Which make the list become a mess...