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    Is there a project size limit for Captivate 3?

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      I'm using Captivate 3 and building a project that is currently approximately 19,200 KB.  I don't know if that's too large but as I continue to build, it seems to be acting funny like it's too big.  For instance, it closed on me without warning which it never did before.  Also it's taking longer & longer to prepare for previewing. My project is only about 1/3 finished so I'm concerned I'm going to get into more & more problems given its growing size. 


      I thought to break it into smaller projects and link them using the MenuBuilder but I haven't figured out a way to get back to this menu page from the project.  In Advance Settings of a particular menu item, I can select "Open link in the same window."  This happens but at the end of watching that linked project, I just get a blank screen.  If I "X" out of that project at the end of it using the "X" on the menu, I get a white screen. If I use the MS Window's "X", then everything closes included the menu preview window.  Is it possible to somehow use a button to get back to the menu page and not have a 2nd window open for the menu item that was selected? Or maybe I can keep building in a single project b/c there is no size limit?


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