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    AME update states TRIAL

    Missteach Level 1

      Anyone know where I can update AME to latest version?  The Update page states the latest update is a TRIAL.  The file size is 130mb so I can't update via UPDATE PROGS in any Adobe prog.  My connection is too weak to stay connected for the time it would take to download that size.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Start Bridge, go to Help/Updates and it will install all the updates for your suite. If you have a trial version, there are no updates.

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            SFL46 Level 3

            This is from the adobe web site page for the AME update:


            Adobe Media Encoder for Win64


            This update adds new Flash Export Presets, a new XDCAM HD Exporter, Broadcast Wave export support, and a number of bug fixes.


            File Information

            ProductAdobe Media Encoder
            File NameAdobeMediaEncoderTrial_64-5.0.1-mul-AdobeUpdate.zip
            File Size137.7MB
            Proceed to Download




            System requirements


            Refer to the Premiere Pro CS5 System Requirements (http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere/systemreqs/)



            This is what the OP is identifying.  His concern has nothing to do whether he has a trial version or a full retail version.  The Adobe web site doesn't provide a retail version.  This is the issue.


            While the auto update in CS5 is a great tool, if you ever have to do a full re-install, you will have to download all of patches again--UNLESS you manually downloaded them from the Adobe web site and saved them on your hard disk.  Also, if you have CS5 loaded on a desktop and laptop as allowed by the licensee--why download it twice--particularly if your internet link is slow.

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              Missteach Level 1

              Hello SFL46,


              Yes - that's precisely what I was saying.  Thanks for clarifying.


              Harm, did you read what I wrote about my internet connection not being strong enough for long downloads?



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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Yes, I did read that, but I don't know where you are located, so I also do not know what alternatives you have available. To me, at least from my perspective, and I don't have a fast Internet connection either, I have no problem downloading large files from the Adobe site. Just yesterday I downloaded an almost 3 GB file from the Adobe site and sure it is not instantaneous and takes considerable time, but it can be done in the background. BTW, this was without using DLM.


                130 MB is not that big a filesize to download. I remember doing that often with a 19K2 modem, I believe it was back in the Middle Ages.

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                  Missteach Level 1



                  I have no idea why you think informing me of your internet history can give me a solution regardless of my location - I can only assume you like reading your name on the internet!  Please don't post here if you can't provide a solution to MY problem.


                  For anyone else, I have a fast internet connection for one PC but not for another.  The slow internet connection is weak (dongle based and reliant on the weather I think!) and flakes out when I run the Adobe updater from within any Adobe program and will not restart throwing up a message stating that my Antivirus / Firewall could be causing the problem and to disable it!!!  That would be wise wouldn't it!!!!  This is despite getting part of the download before failing.  So, not the AV/FW then.


                  So, what I can do for that PC is use the Adobe updates page and grab the updates when available.  No problem connecting using the Updater with my other PC and all updates are applied quickly enough.  I grabbed AECS5 and PPCS5 this way and transfered to the slow connection PC but can't get AME as only a trial is available.


                  Therefore, to go back to my original post, I have updated AME on one PC but not on the other because of weak connection.  So, how do I get the update if the Update page states it's a trial?

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7
                    I have a fast internet connection for one PC


                    So what is your problem???????????????????????????????


                    Download, store, copy, install. EOS.

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                      Missteach Level 1

                      Read the post.

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                        Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        AME is part of Premiere, I think that if you download the latest version revision of Premiere on your fast computer and move it to the slow one it should update the whole Premiere package.

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                          Missteach Level 1

                          I was so hoping that installing the PPCS5 latest patch would update AME as suggested but sadly it doesn't.  I updated AE and PP to latest versions but AME doesn't get updated.



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                            SFL46 Level 3

                            Unfortunately, no one has answered the basic question:  Why does the Adobe web site identify this upgrade as TRIAL?


                            Is this a mistake?


                            If I use this file to upgrade my system, do I cause the entire CS5 suite to reset itself to trial mode, making it necessary that I scrub the registry several times and completely reinstall CS5?


                            How fast my internet is is largely irrelevent--is that file on the Adobe site the correct file? Yes or No

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                              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                              > Why does the Adobe web site identify this upgrade as TRIAL?



                              It's just a badly chosen file name.


                              The distinction that the person who named that file meant to make was between a disc-based installation and a download-based installation. The trial version is only available as a download-based installation, so  the updater for the download-based installation is the updater for the  trial version.


                              The full and trial version are the same files; you just unlock the non-trial stuff by entering a serial number. So, the file is the same, and you aren't in danger of reverting to a trial version by using this updater.

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                                SFL46 Level 3


                                Thank you for your response.