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    Frame rate ..strange issue, yet..somewhat familiar

    lou4uandme Level 1

      Hi all,



      On 1  HDV tape, I filmed 1/2 @ 60i and the other half @ 24p (canon XHA1)

      it was all captured at once to Premiere



      I noticed that people walking across the street, seemed to be walking a little fast. Almost like a 1915 film.

      Very slight , but I noticed it.


      Although  premiere says it's 23.976 on a 23.976 timeline, I still see this issue.....




      When I look at the legs of the people walking from left to right on the screen,

      I noticed that when I advance Frame by Frame, there seems to be a jump a head,  at every 3rd frame.



      Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix it?