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    Problem with using new text Input componentin D11.5

    Hosseinrostamzadeh Level 1

      I have a text Input component(marked with the symbol ab in the toolbox),called it studNameTF.

      The user has to write his/her name and then clicks to button to go to next frame.

      The button is to check wethere the input is empty or not, if it is empty then it sotps the user and alerts the user to write the name in order to proceed.


      The problem is that I fill the name field with some text and then press  the button,. The button does not catch the content of the TIC, and stops the user even the field contains text.

      Here is my lingo script.


      on mouseUp me


        if member("studNameTF").text = EMPTY then
         alert("Please write your name in order to proceed!")
           go to the frame
         go to frame "menu"
        end if



      What is strange to me is that This code works properly when I use a normal Text field(marked with A in tollbox) rather than the new  text Input component which is a flash-style text field.

      any help is appriciated!