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    heavy message push blazeds ??


      we have this requirement to push some heavy messages from server to flex client.

      what are my options ? currently we are investigating blazeds.. but looks like it has some performance issues. is that true ?

      our message rate is high. flex client is expecting to receive atleast 3-5 messages a second.

      is there a way to push messages to client directly without using blazeDS ? i read somewhere that you can do this with using some security policy files on server side ? what kind of performance we gain if we use this approach ? any issues if we decide to go this route and eliminate the whole blazeDS ?


      one more question about blazeDS. ? what kind of security does it have ? can i make some secure messages that only particular consumer gets and not other should be able to even see that messages ? (like JMS queue.. send secure message to only one consumer) ? how can i achieve this using blazeDS ?


      any good tutorial or any infomartion would really help ..


      Thanks a lot.